Roof Maintenance Tips

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Simple money saving tips to preserve your roof

Keeping your roof in top condition is essential to protect your home or business from costly damage.  All year-round your roof is exposed to sunlight, wind, rain, hail, ice, snow, tree branches, and leaves that combine to diminish your roof’s performance. According to Clay Lockley, president of Sage General Contractor, “A little maintenance throughout the year can save you loads of money in repairs and even premature roof replacement.”  Sage General Contractor has a Roof Maintenance Program that can assist you in protecting your investment.  Scheduling an annual roof maintenance inspection is your first line of defense in protecting your home or business for years to come.  Following are some tips Clay has for protecting your roof:

Roof Maintenance Tips

  • Roof maintenance begins with keeping tree branches, leaves and debris from the roof’s valleys and gutters. When debris collects in these areas, water from rain and snow is able to back up under shingles causing damage to the roof interior.
  • Inspecting and cleaning your gutters each spring and fall is an ideal time to also inspect your shingles, vents and flashing. Extreme weather can damage shingles, causing them to curl or crack.  Replacing one or two shingles is easier than repairing roof water damage.  Flashing protects the area around walls, chimneys, and vents from letting water get into your building. Look for any signs of crack, rust, or separation.  Loose caulk should be removed and the area cleaned before resealing.  Rusted metal can be wire brushed, primed and painted.
  • Dallas is known for its humidity and fungus or algae can grow on and damage your roof’s shingles. Rather than using corrosive chemicals like bleach, ask your contractor to install zinc or lead control strips.  Also helpful is to cut back branches and trees to allow more sunlight onto your roof.
  • Inspect your roof after severe weather. Damage from hail isn’t always easily noticeable.  Have a professional contractor help you find any undetected problems.
  • Finally, inspect your ceilings for signs of leaking, usually in the form of dark spots; and check your attic for mold or dampness. Roof leaks must be repaired right away.  It is much cheaper to fix a new leak than to have a major roof repair later.
  • Although it is a good idea to keep an eye on your roof year-round, you can best protect your roof investment with an annual inspection by a top-quality general contractor. Sage General Contractor’s annual Roof Maintenance Program is designed to help you simply and inexpensively with these necessary maintenance procedures.

Sage General Contractor can make this process of roof maintenance easy with their Roof Warranty Programs.  They will come out twice yearly and check and maintain chimney flashing, reseal the pipe jack, and look for any loose tiles.  Call us today at (972) 420-6500 or fill out our contact form.