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Why It’s Important To Look In Your Attic Before Starting a Roofing Project

When homeowners call on us to repair their roof after a big storm, we undoubtedly catch them off guard with one simple, yet very important, request. Before we tear off even one old shingle or hammer in the first nail, we first ask to see their attic.

“Now why on earth would a roofer need to peek into my attic?” they say. “I’ve never heard of that before.”

Exactly. Homeowners have options in hiring a roofer or general contractor, many of whom do a great job doing the work they are asked to do. But many roofers don’t take the extra step to inspect the rest of the property, and the homeowner isn’t always knowledgeable enough to ask for an attic inspection. By not checking the attic, roofing companies risk damaging your air conditioning and heating ductwork if those components hang too close to the roofline, or they miss spotting other hazards that could cost more time and money.

Sage General Contractor goes above and beyond the “standard” roof replacement:

  • We analyze every attic space. Each roofing system is different, and your attic could be so cramped that it can look like a jungle gym with hidden crawl spaces and tight corners. We take the time to make sure we know where key ventilation components are located so we don’t puncture anything with an errant nail.
  • We check for any visible signs of leaks, inadequate ventilation, or structural instability. An attic is a great place to look for hidden roof leaks. This includes searching for signs of mildew or mold, which is a sign of poor air circulation. If we find additional issues, we work closely with your insurance company to make sure it pays all damaged items.
  • We tailor our construction plans to meet your needs. If ductwork is running dangerously close to the roofline, we suggest alternatives and work closely with your preferred HVAC specialist, as needed.
  • We do it for FREE. Some roofers and general contractors include in the fine print of contracts that they are not responsible for ventilation damage. All attic inspections performed by Sage are our way of going above and beyond.

Sage General Contractor is qualified and experienced to take on the management of your storm damage project. Call us (972-420-6500) or contact us here for a free, no obligation inspection of your home.