How To Determine The Cost of Your Next Roof

Factors that Determine Roof Repair Costs

We write a lot in our blogs about quality roofing projects and the many decisions homeowners face along the way, including which materials to use and the importance of hiring the right contractor. Today we want to share with you the factors that determine roof repair costs.

When you are an existing homeowner, deciding which materials to use should be easy – simply match the existing materials. But determining cost – and consequently, your budget – can be confusing when putting a roof on a new house.

You may be asking yourself …

  • Does the size and shape of my roof matter?
  • If so, which materials are better?
  • How does my roofer or general contractor determine their cost? Is it competitive?
  • What is a realistic budget to set?

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, remember that Sage General Contractor has your back from start to finish. We are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, which means we are the right choice for existing homeowners looking to recover from a hail storm just as much as we are for newcomers looking to build a dream home from scratch.

Three Factors that Determine the Cost of Your Next Roof

  • The size of your roof does matter. Get your contractor to explain in great detail how they plan to measure your roof and what other factors they use to create their estimate. For example, are they basing the estimate on square footage or squares (each square is 100 feet)? The more squares there are, the more your project will cost.
  • The layout/design of your roof does matter. Beyond the size of your roof, contractors will also base their estimates off the layout/design of the roof. Is it a large roof with a simple layout or a small roof with a steeper pitch, multiple chimneys, or other elaborate features? All of these potential differences could drive up the cost of your roofing project.
  • The type of shingle you use matters. Asphalt is a common type of shingle and is not only durable, but also inexpensive and available in a variety of colors and styles. But there are so many more shingle variations, including composite, slate, metal, and tile. As part of our ongoing partnership, we suggest you visit Owens Corning to pick the shingles and price that make the most sense for your budget. Owens Corning offers two basic types of roofing shingles: 3-tab and laminate, and they do a great job of taking a lot of the guesswork out of the process for you.

Bottom line, you need to align self with a roofing contractor who can be there every step of the way during your roofing project. Doing your own homework goes a long way, but having the right partner by your side will help determine costs up front, give you the ability to adjust accordingly and help you continue to manage your budget throughout the project.

Sage GC has over 40 years of experience as storm damage experts and is locally owned and operated in Lewisville, Texas. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise to ensure that all of our work is completed to your satisfaction and meets all building code requirements. Give us a call today (972-420-6500) or contact us here to see how you can qualify for our FREE 10-year warranty. We offer a no-obligation inspection of your home.