Gutter Installation Will Enhance Your Home

Looking to replace your gutters?

Proper gutter installation for your home is a simple way to protect your home from water damage and to quickly improve the value of your home for not a lot of money. A properly installed and maintained gutter system on your home is just as important as having a quality roof over your head. Gutters and downspouts work hand-in-hand with your roof to disperse the flow of rainwater from your home, offering protection from issues like staining, rot, moldy attics, foundation problems, and soil erosion. Not to mention, they give your roof that all-important complete and polished look.

You may be saying, “My gutters work fine!” While that is great news, at some point, you will need to replace your gutters – whether that be because of inclement weather or natural depreciation (sagging, cracks, holes, etc). When this happens, call us at Sage General Contractor for a free quote on your gutter replacement, enhancement, and cleaning needs.

What type of gutters should I get?

 Choosing the right gutters comes down to many factors, including personal preference and cost. Bottom line, you do not want to sacrifice quality when making your decision. This goes for existing homeowners and house hunters. If you are a new homeowner, inspect existing gutters to make sure they are in good shape. Check out this blog from AllState that offers gutter inspection tips (with video) for house hunters.

Here are four prominent types of gutters and downspouts:

  • Vinyl gutters – Vinyl is a form of plastic, but it’s a more durable and does a great job of protecting your home. It’s also an affordable option. But with that being said, vinyl gutters won’t last near as long as other gutter options on the market.
  • Aluminum gutters – Aluminum is the most commonly used material for gutters, and it stands the test of time better than vinyl. The benefits to aluminum is that it is easy to install – your installer can shape the material however they need, allowing for more flexibility and the ability to create seamless gutters.
  • Steel gutters – Aluminum and vinyl gutters perform just as well, but steel stands up better to harsher weather conditions. The material is very strong and is used in buildings, cars, machines, and appliances. The downside is cost.
  • Copper gutters – Copper gutters are top-of-the-line in terms of function – durable and never rust – and aesthetics. But it is primarily chosen for how it looks and is not as affordable as the previous options.

Hire Sage today!

We advise hiring a professional installer to handle the heavy lifting and ensure your project is done right. A professional also will help sort through additional enhancement and accessory options to get the most out of your gutters, including:

  • Routine gutter cleaning
  • Gutter guards, wire mesh screens, downspout screens
  • Heat tape for winter protection

Sage General Contractor is qualified to handle your gutter installation and any other need on your property. Give us a call today (972-420-6500) or contact us here to for a FREE quote.