Sage Roof Repairs – Protect Your Family From 2018 Storm Season

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Sage Roof Repairs

Protecting your home and family from rain, snow and sunlight is hard work for your roof! Being exposed to harsh conditions all day everyday can create the need for a variety of roof repairs, and  some issues are near impossible to see from the ground. Has your family home been through any storms this past year? Odds are, if you live in North Texas, you have seen hail, high winds, and intense thunderstorms in the past 6 months. It’s easy to see the damage done to your car and windshield, but sometimes the damage to your roof goes unnoticed.

It’s important to have your home checked for any roof repairs needed after any large storm, since small problems can turn into much larger ones down the line. Early spring and summer are the best times to get a roof inspection done to evaluate whether roof repairs or replacement are needed. Not to mention, you don’t want to face another Texas storm season with a roof system still damaged from last year’s storms!


What causes the damage behind most roof repairs?

Hailstorms are the obvious cuprit, causing roughly 1 million dollars in property damage each year according to the Insurance Information Institute. From 2000 to 2013, insurance providers paid out nine billion home insurance claims to restore losses from hail storms!

Most insurance claims from hail damage have to do with torn shingles and leaks, but other parts of your roofing system could also be effected. Things like your AC unit, gutters and siding may also have damage from the storm. This is why we always reccommend getting a full roof inspection after a storm, just to make sure no roof repairs are needed. And if it is, our team will handle all insurance paperwork and contact to get you the best coverage we can.The closer the inspection is to twhen the storm occured, the better.

What does hail roof damage even look like? Light hail damage to shingles can create soft spots, or “bruising”, that you might not even be able to see. Not to mention it breaks up the granules that layer the top of the shingles, which can take years off your roof life. Hail damage of a more severe nature can break through to the shingle matting and cause fibers to be exposed.

Bottom line is: roof repair and maintenance are essential to a long and healthy roof life in North Texas. Give Sage a call today if you haven’t had your roof asessed since the last big storm. Make sure your home is prepared for the 2018 storm season! Give us a call today (972-420-6500) or contact us here to see how you can qualify for our FREE 10-year warranty. We offer a no-obligation inspection of your home.