Roof Damage Tips – Lewisville Roof Repair Experts

Lewisville roof repair

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what can damage your roof, and how to fix it! There are the obvious culprits of roof damage such as hail and wind, but did you know that condensation and sun can also cause wear? Check out the main ways your roof can get damaged and why, explained by the Lewisville roof repair experts at Sage.


Here are the main types of Lewisville roof repair Sage fixes every year:


Trees and Leaves:

While falling branches and trees are an obvious form of roof damage, they also cause maintenance issues when left unchecked. Branches that scrape against shingles can gouge out roofing materials when blown by the wind. Overhanging trees can even puncture some roofing materials, and leaves left on a rooftop can retain moisture and cause rot.


Moss and Algae:

While moss is more common on wood based shingles, algae can accumulate on both wood and asphalt shingle roof systems. Once moss grows, roots form in the wood based shingles and deck structure. Algae retains moisture while forming a green-black stain, and can cause roofing materials to rot away.



Over time, ultra-violet rays and heat can cause certain parts of your roofing system to deteriorate. This deterioration can be accelerated on the sides of your roof that face the west or south.



Unfortunately rain can cause damage due to missing shingles or worn roofing materials. Water getting underneath shingles means that it can work down to the roof deck and cause structural issues. Not to mention mildew and leaking in other parts of the house.



Strong winds can alter shingle position or even lift shingles completely off the roof. In addition to lifting shingles edges away from the roof, high winds can force debris and water underneath them, causing extensive damage.


Snow and Ice:

While not as common in Texas, sometimes snow and ice can cause more roof damage simply because most homeowners aren’t familiar with the effects. Melting snow can refreeze on roof overhangs, and form ice dams. This blocks water/melting drainage and can back water up underneath shingles.


Missing Shingles:

We have stressed in the past that roofs offer the best protection as a system of layers and parts. When some of those parts are missing, the entire system suffers as a whole. When shingles are damaged, torn, or missing, your interior is left vulnerable to leaking or mildew.


The bottom line is:

When it comes to Lewisville roof repair, we know how to fix it right the first time! Unfortunately, most roof damage is hard to spot, or just goes unnoticed until it requires a major repair. Make sure to let the Lewisville roof repair experts at Sage take care of your roofing issues quickly and affordably. Give us a call today, or contact us here and ask about our free roof inspection! Make sure your home is ready for spring storm season now.