Total Roof Protection Systems

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A roof is far more than shingles or what the eye can see. A roof that performs well is made up of many components that complete roof protection systems. As a Preferred Roofing Contractor, Sage is pleased to provide the elite Owens Corning Total Roof Protection Systems, the most advanced and proven roofing products on the market. 

The total roof protection systems maximizes your roof’s performance with three key integrated layers:

1- Seal

Your roof is your home’s main protection from heavy rains and wind. The Total Roof Protection System offers two types of underlayment. Plus it has a durable waterproof barrier to seal your roof, keep water out, and defend against rot and mold.

  • For valleys, vents, chimneys, skylights and other areas where water collects, the roof protection system deploys WeatherLock® technology, a self-sealing ice and water barrier.

2- Defend 

Sage gives you access to a wide selection of beautiful and durable asphalt shingles that can match any architectural style. The shingles are engineered to not only look good, but they also add value to your home. Not to mention stand the test of time and defend against all types of weather.

  • To reinforce its sealing technology, the total roof protection system utilizes specially designed starter shingles, shingles, and hip and ridge shingles for increased weather resistance and protection.

3- Breathe 

To maintain its superior protective benefits and condition, every roof needs proper ventilation. Our total roof protection system has state-of-the-art intake and exhaust vents to reduce moisture and heat build-up in your attic. Besides just cooling your attic, it breathes out moisture and prevents mold and mildew growth. Another benefit? Keeping the indoor temperature stable helps keep heating and cooling costs down!

Roof Protection Systems That Last

We have 40 years of experience providing roofing solutions in  Lewisville, DFW, Plano, Prosper, McKinney, Highland Village, Frisco, Flower Mound, and Denton. Sage Roofing delivers the best workmanship, the highest quality products, and the most roofing protection and durability. 

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