Best Time for a Roof Replacement

Best time to get your roof replacement

Roof Replacement Timing Can Be Confusing

There are plenty of articles out there with great reasons why spring, summer, or fall is the best time for a roof replacement. But the experts at Sage can explain several factors that will help decide the best time for your roof.

Reason for Replacement

The first factor in deciding when to get your roof replaced is dependent on the reason WHY you need it replaced. A high quality roof can last 20 to 25 years on average. But sometimes the North Texas storm season can greatly reduce that time with severe weather damage. The main issue is that all roof’s are different, and every homeowner is in a different situation. So the best time for one person to get their roof replaced, may not be ideal for the next. With that being said, here are the main two reasons why a roof gets replaced:

Recent storm damage:

When it comes to high winds, hail storms, and tornadoes, the best time for a roof replacement is right away. If your neighborhood gets hit with a storm, get a roof inspection done as soon as possible! Your roof might look unharmed from the ground, so it is best to call a professional. Without a thorough inspection, damage (minor or major) may go unnoticed and turn into larger issues later in the year. The bottom line is that your roof replacment timeline depends on what kind of damage your roof has sustained. Minor issues may be scheduled a few months out, but you should let your roofing specialist make that decision!

Aging roof with wear and tear:

Like we said before, most roofs should last around 20-25 years. But a roof may need replacing before the 20-25 year mark if it was installed poorly, or low quality materials were used. Your roof can also deteriorate faster without maintenance such as gutter gleaning and debri removal. Years of weather wear, like harsh sun, ice, and sometimes even Texas snow, take a toll on the best roofs. We recommend all older roofs be checked for these signs of issues:

  • Shingles with damage
    • Curled, cracked, or missing
  • Shingle granules in gutter downspouts
    • Shingles with less protective granular coating wear much more quickly
  • Spots or hail marks on shingles
  • Leaks in attic

This is another instance where getting a professional roof inspection is your best bet. Putting off a roof replacement to find the cheapest off season estimate might seem like a good idea if you think your roof looks good from the ground. But there is always a chance of unassessed issues getting worse in the meantime.

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