Commercial Roofing Preventative Maintenance

A roof is one of the most important parts of your home. As a protection against fierce storms and crippling heat, your roof offers a defense over you and your home. Read below to learn more about commercial roofing preventative maintenance and discover tips to prolong the life of your roof.


Extending the life of your roof requires regular maintenance. Similar to preventative care at a doctor or dentist, a well-maintained roof involves the same level of routine care. It is important to evaluate the state of your roof as you head into the fall and spring season. Texas storms can be brutal on roofs, and routinely assessing your roof’s state will ensure a small problem doesn’t become a larger one. If your area has been hit with a bad storm, it is helpful to schedule an additional exam to check for damage. Routine maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs, and can greatly extend the life of your roof – even past its warranty.


When beginning your commercial roofing preventative maintenance, a comprehensive roof survey will help you start in the right place. The survey will provide a description of the roof’s age, condition, and type, and will address any issues in your roofing system. It is helpful to keep a file of paperwork documenting the history of your roof. Your file should include records of all repairs, warranties, and reports. Your records will play an important role in your commercial roofing preventative maintenance.

Protective Coatings

Protective coatings offer an additional layer of protection for your roof, particularly against the sun’s UV rays. When it comes to protective coatings, there are many options to choose from. Ultimately, they stabilize the indoor temperature and provide a greater barrier between the outdoor elements and your home.

Being proactive with your roofing system today will save you time and money tomorrow!
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