The Importance of a Proper Roof Installation

Proper roof installation is a critical factor when building or remodeling a home, or when repairing and rebuilding after a damaging Texas storm. Without a properly installed roof, your home is vulnerable to harsh weather and exposed to damaging elements like rain, hail, and high winds. Keeping your family and your home safe means starting with the basics – a properly installed roof.

As a roof installer, Sage understands the need to provide protection and coverage for you and your loved ones. We want you to breathe easy at night, knowing your roof is properly installed by a company who truly cares about keeping your family safe. Sage considers three important factors before we install a roof for our customers: the roof structure, sheathing and flashing, and roof coverings.

Roof Structure

At Sage, we will begin by taking a look at the structure of your roof. We’ll draw up a design for the structure, paying careful attention to the rafters and trusses – elements that ensure the roof’s weight is evenly distributed across your home’s exterior walls. This helps safeguard your home from future roofing issues.

Sheathing and flashing

After your roof is designed and installed, we will put sheathing and flashing on your roof. Sheathing provides the initial layer of protection on your roof, and flashing helps avoid leakage in significant areas, like around the chimney and joints. These are two of the most important components of your roof. With sheathing and flashing properly installed, you will avoid issues with insulation, leaking, and a host of other problems.

Roof Coverings

Adding the roof coverings – the final barrier on your roof – is the last part of the process. As the most visual portion of the roof, it is what most people think of when they hear the word “roof.” It is also the layer offering the most protection for your home. Common roof coverings include tile, wooden shingles, and asphalt shingles, but can also include slate, metal, and wood shakes. At Sage, we can help you select the best roof covering to complement your home’s architectural style. Our goal is to give you the roof protection you deserve while providing a large selection of roof design and color options. See our post about the design options we offer through Owens Corning.


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