How to Inspect & Repair Your Roof Before Selling Your Home

When selling your home, realtors will recommend that you have your home’s condition thoroughly assessed in order to accurately price it for sale. In Texas, one of the most important parts of your home to check is your roof.

Why check your roof for damage?

If your roof has holes, moisture issues, mold, moss, or other residual damage, it’s important to have it assessed by professional roofers. It may need to be repaired or potentially replaced before you price it for sale.

Here is why this is so important.

You can get a higher selling price.

A roof in poor condition or disrepair can be expensive to fix – and new homeowners rarely want to move into a house and begin fixing the roof themselves. Not only that, but prospective buyers may not be able to secure new insurance coverage on an existing roof if it is in need of repair. Because a major rooftop repair or replacement can easily cost thousands of dollars, it can become a popular point of negotiation in a home sale. Smart sellers realize that if they don’t fix a roof in need of repair before listing their home, the roofing issues are likely to be found during the buyer’s home inspection. If this is the case, the buyer may ask that the seller make the repairs or may negotiate a lower sales price to cover necessary repairs.

You can prevent possible closing delays (and help the buyer get a loan approved faster)

If you decide to forgo roof repairs and sell your home as-is, it could delay or even block a successful close. If your potential buyer is financing through a lender, while minor maintenance doesn’t always factor in, when a roof is in need of major repairs because it’s reaching the end of its natural life, a lender will often make the loan approval conditional on proof of roof repair from a certified roofing contractor. In these cases, the cost often falls to the seller to repair the roof, out of pocket, before closing. If an insurance claim is needed, it can take time to file the claim, schedule an adjuster to come to inspect the roof and receive funds from the carrier prior to being able to commence the necessary repairs.  This can jeopardize your being able to close on your agreed-upon close date. Locating these potential problems prior to listing the home can help put you ahead of things so that no unwelcome surprises pop up later on.

A fresh new roof attracts buyers

There’s nothing more attractive to new home buyers than a home that was recently renovated or upgraded for them. Updated and well-maintained homes tend to sell faster because they show better and give buyers one less thing to worry about.

Have your roof inspected for damage

If you’re unsure whether your roof needs an inspection for damage, we can help. Our roofing experts can come to your home and check your roof internally and externally to determine whether it’s ready to sell or needs some touch-ups before it’s ready to go to market. You can contact us to schedule a consultation and a free inspection for realtors and homeowners.

The bottom line

If your roof is damaged or beyond its useful life, then it’s best to check and replace it before you sell your home. If in disrepair, selling will require additional considerations including the levels of repair, costs, market conditions, comparable sales on the market, and how quickly you want to sell and move on.

Our expert roofing consultants are here to help you with all your roofing questions and repair needs. Contact Sage Roofing if you’re not sure of what you see when inspecting your roof. We’ll provide a free inspection.

Schedule an appointment and we’ll help you be certain that your home is ready to sell so you can feel confident that your roof will not be a hindrance when negotiating the final sale price. Call us directly at (972) 420-6500.