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Gutter Repair

Protecting your home isn’t just your roof’s job! Gutters are an essential part of making sure your family stays warm and dry during storm season. Checking your gutters for damage and creating a schedule for gutter repair and cleaning helps keep water out all year long. Are you looking for more information on types of gutters? Click here.

Can delaying gutter repair really cause damage?

Gutters direct water away from your windows, walls, doors and foundation. If your gutter system is clogged or damaged, you might notice:

  • Rotting fascia
  • Flooding in your home from poor drainage
  • Driveway damage
  • Landscape erosion
  • Standing water around your home
  • A lot of mud!

Signs you might need Gutter Repair:

Standing water or mildew around your foundation – This is always a sign that some part of your gutter system isn’t working properly. Gutters or downspouts might be clogged and simply need cleaning or could need more serious repair. Keep in mind that water around your foundation can lead to foundation damage, which isn’t a cheap fix.

Sagging gutters – Sometimes the most obvious sign of damage is the sagging gutter. Gutters that start to pull away from the home usually do so because they are heavy and full of debris. There are several different reasons why this could happen, such as a lapse in gutter cleaning for an extended period of time or an improperly draining system.

Split or cracked gutters – Small cracks or splits in your gutters can turn into much larger ones with a Texas storm. Wind and rain damage can affect the foundation, not to mention the gutter fascia and shingles above.

Watermarks or damage – if you can see that there are watermarks or damage underneath your gutters, you know they aren’t containing water like they are supposed to. They may be overflowing or leaking, which will cause damage to the structure. Call us to come and take a quick look to see if your home is in need of gutter repair.

Gutter Damage is no joke!

Your roof and gutter systems work together to keep water out of your home and your family safe and dry, so make sure to check them at least twice a year. We recommend cleaning your gutters 2-4 times a year, and we will even do it for you!